In Memoriam: Paul Kevin Burberry

These modules are dedicated to the memory of Paul Kevin Burberry, member of the Core Development Team for the Preservice Health Training Project. Kevin had a profound impact upon all those who knew him, and he proved that a significant disability did not mean that one could not accomplish a great deal in this world. Not only was he a member of the Core Development Team for these modules, he was also the actor for our first virtual patient case (the Bryan module for medical school students). He completed filming for the Bryan case just two months before his death. His personal statement about the role of health care professionals in the lives of people with significant disabilities concludes the Bryan module; it is a powerful testimony about how health care professionals can make an important difference.

Kevin believed passionately in the right of each of us to full participation in our society. At the time of his death, he was completing his course work for his degree in Philosophy at the University of Kentucky, and was to graduate with high honors. He was awarded his degree posthumously. He was a founding member of the Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bluegrass Technology Center. He is survived by his parents, Clyde David and Susan Burberry, and by his brother, Dr. Keith A. Burberry, a physician.